Why was the Nanaimo Waterfront Walkway Implementation Plan developed?

    The existing waterfront walkway has been built in segments over approximately 30 years. Without a plan in place, the walkway has become a discontinuous patchwork of sections that have varying widths and do not meet all needs of our community today. The Implementation Plan outlines a plan to improve and expand the waterfront walkway so that is consistent, continuous, and meets community needs in the coming decades.

    How come the waterfront walkway would be completed in phases and why is the Departure Bay segment considered a priority?

    A project of this scale involves many interests and many steps such as the completion of studies, consultation with the community, and funding considerations. The Departure Bay walkway has been identified as a priority based on public input on the walkway in 2017 to improve shoreline habitat, provide better beach access for the community, and improve active transportation networks.

    How will the Departure Bay waterfront walkway improvements be funded and how much will it cost?

    Capital cost estimates for the project have been completed to a conceptual level. Total construction costs are estimated to be $25 - $30 million including property acquisition and security costs. The cost estimate includes a 30% contingency. 

    Funding strategies for the project will explore grant opportunities from senior levels of government to fund a portion of the cost with a focus on both walk/cycle assistance programs and disaster mitigation (sea level rise adjustments), City reserve funds, and borrowing subject to an electoral approval either through a referendum or an alternate approval process (AAP).