The choices we make – where we live and work, how we move, where we shop – all influence how Nanaimo will grow over time. Great cities aren’t created by accident. They are created through thoughtful plans and a desire by the many who live there to make great choices.

While much of our city will remain as the neighbourhoods and features we know and love, some areas will change in the next 25 years. By choosing where to focus new growth and planning what it could look like, we can help create a great city.

Three draft scenarios were provided for consideration. Below is a summary of each:

Scenario 1 | The current path follows the existing Official Community Plan, meaning we’ll continue planning the way we are today. While Current Path was progressive when created in 2008, new knowledge provides opportunity to make enhancements that could move us faster towards our goals. To learn more, watch Scenario 1 video.

Scenario 2 | Mobility Hubs focuses new growth around seven hubs distributed across the City, where transportation networks (roads, transit, cycling) come together. It encourages more housing forms like townhomes and fourplexes to fill the gap between single-family homes and apartments. In this scenario, more growth would occur in and between hubs. To learn more, watch Scenario 2 video.

Scenario 3 | Central Focus encourages most new growth and higher-density housing within a focused urban core bounded by Downtown, the Hospital, and Vancouver Island University. It would lead to a more urban, walkable, and vibrant central core with less growth and change (though still some) in areas beyond this core. To learn more, watch Scenario 3 video.

An detailed overview of all 3 Draft Land Use Scenarios can be found here.

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The REIMAGINE NANAIMO process has concluded and, out of that process, a new City Plan - Nanaimo ReImagined has been created. The new plan was adopted by Council in 2022. Thank you to everyone who participated in this process! 

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