Next Steps: Integrated Action Plan & Monitoring Strategy


To support City Plan, we need concrete actions that the City can put in motion to make progress towards the Five City Goals. These will be in our Integrated Action Plan.

The Integrated Action Plan will be a supporting document to City Plan that brings together the many short, ongoing, and long term actions the City may consider. Over the years, City Departments have created plans that identify a range of actions that could be considered for Nanaimo’s future. As we move forward, the City will continue to undertake strategic planning as we learn, evolve, and adapt. The Integrated Action Plan will be a library of actions that brings together the directions of planning efforts by all City Departments so they can be reviewed and considered together. The purpose is to support the City’s commitment to integration and interdepartmental communication, with the goal of leveraging opportunity, investing efficiently, and maximizing community benefit through City actions. Staff are currently working on draft the Integrated Action Plan, which should be finalized by spring 2023.


A Monitoring Strategy will be a separate companion document to City Plan which outlines key indicators that provide meaningful, holistic insights on progress towards our goals. Key indicators are those that can be tracked regularly and consistently. While the City does, and will continue to monitor many supporting statistics through various processes, the focus of the Monitoring Strategy is to work together to regularly monitor a manageable selection of key indicators related to the Five City Goals.

In the Monitoring Strategy, each of the Five City Goals will have priority targets and indicators:

  • Targets will define, in measurable terms, desired outcomes for City Plan.
  • Indicators will tell us how we are doing.

Monitoring is anticipated under two time frames:

  • Annual Monitoring will rely on data sources that are available annually to the City, such as development patterns, City investments, and City compiled data to provide a check-in on performance on key indicators. Findings could lead to prioritization of new or existing actions in the Integrated Action Plan or completion of other studies needed to accelerate progress. Annual monitoring may also identify minor City Plan amendments for consideration.
  • Five Year Monitoring will provide a more comprehensive monitoring report, relying on a mix of annual data sources, census data, and data compiled by external organizations. The five year report will provide a more in-depth review of progress, analysis of trends influencing performance on key indicators, and potential recommendations for how City Plan policy and regulations may need to be adapted as part of a five year review and update.
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The REIMAGINE NANAIMO process has concluded and, out of that process, a new City Plan - Nanaimo ReImagined has been created. The new plan was adopted by Council in 2022. Thank you to everyone who participated in this process! 

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