Angel Network

by ale2020,
Heartfelt Caring experiences here in Nanaimo. I moved here in 2016 to be near my children after a 17 year abscence due to suffering from a severe depression after my marriage ended.

when I moved here I only brought four boxes and a couple of suitcases. I had given away the majority of my belongs and sold what I could. Here People I met were so generous I have replaced everything I needed here through buying them or getting donations.

I was and am impressed by Loaves and Fishes Food Bank and the Nanaimo Women’s Centre.

Loaves and Fishes Food Bank being available 6 days a week including Saturday and Delivery if you have a Medical Condition really inspired me to Care too. The food is good with some having to be thrown out but given the volume the Donors are very generous! I have got steaks and roasts and great interesting things! Thank You to all those Caring Donors and the Staff and Volunteers for making life easier for People like me.

The Nanaimo Women’s Centre helped me immensely too in Aquiring the Housing I currently live in. They also helped with their Homes to Homes Program.

Thank you to the Staff and Volunteers and Donors of the Nanaimo Women’s Centre.

They do inspired me I Volunteered with Seniors Connect and the Nanaimo Women’s Centre.

Finally I come to my inspiration to Advocate and Navigate Resources and Services for Low Income Seniors and Disabled Persons.

I and my Clients were very touched by the Caring and Generosity of Nanaimo and Beyond. My Clients got their needs more than met. Thank You for Caring Nanaimo

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