What are the goals of this project?

    To Develop a unified design vision for the study area including finishes and treatments; to create master plan design guidelines stretching from edge of building to edge of building; and, to produce a phasing plan to inform capital planning and construction schedules for the project area.

    How will this project contribute to creating a vibrant, dynamic, and thriving downtown?

    By creating public realm space for retailers, community events, and public art, Commercial Street will enhance its role as a destination.

    Is this project duplicating the work done as part of ReImagine Nanaimo?

    No. This project results from feedback received from ReImagine Nanaimo, the Downtown Mobility Hub study, and ReEnvision Diana Krall Plaza public engagements. The goal of this project is to take that feedback and transform it into a buildable design.

    Are there any conceptual designs available for viewing?

    Yes! Have a look at the drawings under the "Documents" panel of this webpage. 

    How can I participate in the process?

    The public consultation period for this project has now concluded. However, comments, questions, and requests are still welcome and can be sent to DesignCommercial@nanaimo.ca or by calling 250-756-5321.

    Does this project include the design of the proposed transit exchange or the Hub project?

    Although Design Commercial is a separate project from The Hub, the transit exchange, and ReEnvision Diana Krall Plaza, there are many crossover elements. As a result, we are working closely with the teams of those projects to ensure cohesiveness between the designs and finishes.